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Carr's Hill Field, Cavalier Inn, Lewis Mountain, Emmet / Ivy Parking Garage, and railroad are visible

Tennis courts on the southwest corner of the intersection of Emmet St / US 29 and Ivy Rd / University Ave

Intersection of Emmet St / US 29 and University Ave / Ivy Rd

Cavalier Inn at the northwest corner of Emmet St / US 29 and Ivy Rd / University Ave

Construction drawing of the intersection of Emmet St and Ivy Rd, highlighting property ownership, the filling station on the northeast corner of the intersection, and UVA buildings.

Photo from the east side of Emmet St looking at the Eddins University Dry Cleaning Works. The house to its left was the F. A. Eddins Residence at the corner of Emmet St and Ivy Rd. This site would become the Cavalier Inn.

Traffic study report about a series of recommended transportation improvements to
mitigate the impacts of the University of Virginia's proposed Emmet / Ivy Garage as well as several
other projects proposed by the University.

Analysis of transportation along Ivy Rd corridor before the construction of the Emmet Ivy Parking Garage for the University of Virginia
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